“Life is going to give you just what you put into it. Put your whole heart in everything you do.” -Maya Angelou


After being asked by almost all my friends what my make up routine is, I’ve decided to just do a blog post about it! I love to share what works for me and the things I love! It’s no surprise that I love makeup! I’ve been working as a MakeUp artist since I was 18! I worked for Clinique & M.A.C, currently I freelance and do consultant work during my free time! Pretty busy doing the whole Grad School thing. Anyways- I use to be that 3 shades on the lid, fake lashes on nights out kinda gal, but it’s either Miami’s blazing heat or maybe it’s a change that’s all part of my evolution as a person (I use to take forever to get ready), lately I’ve been adapting this ‘less is more attitude’. . . It truly is.  Not only am I more comfortable with less makeup, Eurbody is CONSTANTLY asking me why my face is glowing, so it must be working for me. I love the flawless yet effortless look and the little time it takes for me to put on make up now! Below I’m sharing details and tips behind how I achieve my natural everyday make up look, that I also use for night time too!!
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Of course this natural makeup look takes 9 products to achieve, but it’s adjustable.  I do not use all 9 products every time. It all depends on what I am trying to achieve (especially when it comes to contouring). First and foremost it is important to take care of your skin… if you want to be able to achieve a smooth and flawless makeup application.  ALWAYS wash your face when you have make up on before bed. This is KEY to preventing dull skin, also prevents wrinkles, breakouts and also just do it, because it’s gross not to.  Before applying makeup make sure to cleanse and hydrate your skin, and allow a few minutes for any creams, moisturizers, or serums you use as part of your skin regime, to soak into your skin.  (I’ll be doing a skin care routine post soon too!)… After you’ve cared for your skin, you’re ready for makeup. . . 

Below I’ve made a easy to see photo of where I highlight and contour on my own face… here are the details:
1. Begin with prepping the skin with a primer. My choice, M.A.C Primer.   Primer helps to keep makeup on longer, and also helps to decrease lines and smooth the skin surface before applying makeup. Apply primer ALL over face and a little down the neck.

2. Next I use my M.A.C brush #159 to apply the La Mer concealer to my under eyes. (This is the most expensive under eye concealer, but let me tell you, I’ve tried so many products, this is turning into one of my favorites, and a little goes a long way).  I dab a small amount of the product under the eyes (using the brush), focusing around the upper check bones and down to the tip of my nose.  Then I begin to blend out ward. Really making sure I conceal the darkness under my eyes (photo shows placement).

3. I do not like to use too much foundation anymore. Mostly because I don’t need it and my skin is always changing because of exposure to the sun (Don’t worry I use sunscreen), so it’s hard to keep up with my foundation color,  I try to keep product to a minimal to still show my tan and glow. Using my M.A.C brush #188, I pump out less that a pea size drop of the current foundation I’m matched in, onto the back of my hand. Make Up Forever HD foundation is my all time favorite, I’ve been using it for years, I’ve used others but I ALWAYS go back to it. I apply the foundation in circular motions on my chin, checks, nose then forehead.  I blend blend blend (BLENDING IS IMPORTANT). Using my M.A.C Brush #187  I apply the yellow powder in the Anastasia contour palette to set the makeup under my eyes.

4. Next I bronze/contour.  I always start with using my M.A.C brush #116 to bronze the outer parts of my face.  I use the three bronzer in the Anastasia kit.  I just sweep the brush lightly back and forth between the three bronzers, tap it off, and lightly sweep the bronzer on the areas labeled “bronzer” in the photo. Here are my 2 different contour options… (a) On days I want a deep check countour I will use my Nars concealer in the darkest color (‘Cafe’ or ‘Cacao’) to draw a line in the hallows of my checks (The picture below shows that line as “Contour”).  Then I blend and blend and blend it out using my M.A.C brush #188, did I mention I blend it. YES! Then I would use my M.A.C Brush #109 Contour brush to add one of the bronzer from the Anastasia palette to deepen the cheeks.  This gives that super chiseled cheek look. Option (b) On days I don’t want to do all that I just emphasis the check with a little more bronzer.  For both scenarios I take my M.A.C Brush #159, and the lighter high light powder from the kit and highlight right under where I contoured. Also going back with the the #188 brush to blend if needed.

5. Contouring the nose – The key to contouring the nose is use less product and BLENDING. I use the same Nars dark concealer to draw lines (like you see in the photo) on each side of my nose and then I use the M.A.C Brush #188 to blend it out completely!

6. Then I apply blush using my M.A.C Brush #116 .  I focus on sweeping it back toward my ears.  Blending is also important for blush, you don’t want color just sitting on your cheeks, you want it smooth and blended, where you can’t tell where it starts or ends.  I have two of this particular brush so that I don’t use the same one I use for bronzer for blush, because well that would be a mess. My favorite blush to use is M.A.C blush in the color Mocha, Melba, Style, or Harmony.`

7. As far as eyes go, I sometimes use my M.A.C Brush #224 (the only eye shadow brush I use for almost everything) and I lightly sweep some of the bronzer into my crease just to define the eye area. I like to emphasis the eyes by using mascara.  My favorite one at the moment is Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara. I take my time with this, I use a eyelash curler before applying the mascara, then I apply the mascara from the roots outward, wiggling the wand.  Always wipe the want off into the mascara tube so that you don’t have excessive product on the brush!  Depending on how I feel I’ll brush my brows next with the E.L.F Brow Gel which works just as great as the expensive brow gels. (Its only 2bucks!)

8. LIPS! So lip liner all the way. I typically wear “Whirl” my favorite lipliner color by M.A.C. Sometimes I add a clear gloss on top, but I love matte lips, and my hair not getting stuck on my lips so… YEAH. I also love the colors, Boldly Bare, Dervish, and Subculture, by M.A.C as well!

I hope this was helpful! You can leave comments with questions below if you have any, I’d love to answer them! You can find all the direct links to the products I use below. Just Click and Shop! XOXO