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Shayda’s Self-Care Favorites [January]

Trying to figure what to buy with those holiday gift cards? I have some ideas for you! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite self-care products, that I use on a daily basis! From my favorite dry brush to the most gorgeous aromatherapy diffuser, these products all have one thing in common, they make you feel GOOD! Read below for some details, and click the (+) near each item on the picture below to be directed right to the item!

For the writer & reader: Write about your days, dreams & goals in this gorgeous suede journal [pictured journal is sold out, here’s a similar one -> journal] or set intentions with the happiness planner! I personally use and really enjoy the happiness planner because it’s a quick way to check in with yourself in the AM/PM, with a set up that allows for a to-do list, journaling about what you’re grateful for and much more! If you’re over fashion magazines (I have been for a while) — Check out Mindful magazine dedicated to bringing inspiring, guiding and connecting work to those who want to explore mindfulness to enjoy better health and better quality of life!

For the wellness junkie: Start your days with a downward dog on a luxe yoga mat from Athleta! Add a little bit of spirit dust or ashwagandha to your coffee or smoothies to reap the magical benefits of adaptogens! Don’t forget to stay hydrated! This HyrdoFlask that holds 32 ounces of water or your preferred beverage, keeping it cold or hot for 24 hours! I usually fill it up 2 times a day! It’s my all time favorite water bottle, I’m always raving to my clients about it, they see that it’s attached to my hip at all times! It’s no secret that drinking lots of water works wonders for your insides, it’s wonderful for your skin. Shed your dead skin with dry brushing! Use a dry brush to not only exfoliate dead skin but also to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, unclog pores and provide yourself with much needed stress relief.

For the spirit seeker: Pull an inspirational affrimation card during your meditation practice from the Miracles Now 62-Card deck.  Cleanse your space with a bundle of sage, meditation spray or singing bowl sounds! Did you know Tibetan Singing Bowls create a pulsating tone that helps you feel good and helps you to relax. Here’s a video to show you how they work incase you’ve never seen or experienced one in person -> how to play a singing bowl video

For the good vibes only gal: Keep your mantras on your wrist with these beautiful Mantra bracelets. Mine says “She believed she could, so she did!” – Keep positive energy in your home by placing this gorgeous pyramidal rose quartz crystal on a desk or table where you see it often. Rose quartz crystal promotes peace, art, and love in your life. Packaged in a decorative box with a special energy card, it makes a lovely, thoughtful gift as well. Love aroma therapy oils? I’ve really enjoyed this serene house diffuser for several months now, usually using this eucalyptus –> essential oil. Eucalyptus oil is very healing, it helps to reduce respiratory problems and allows more oxygen into the lungs. Eucalyptus is also used to reduce headaches, you can find in the Peace of Mind – Sensory Therapy product by Origins which is an on-the-spot relief “mind-clearing” formula made to rub on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes to help relieve pressure, tension and tightness.


I hope you enjoy this shopping guide! I’ll be back in February to share more of my self-care favorites!




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