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How to Manifest through creating a Vision Board

If you’re reading this post, chances are you have already done some reflecting on what you want to be, do, or have in your life.  Since high school I have created visions boards as a way to set the tone or theme for the year. At the end of each year, many of things or feelings I wanted had made their ways into my life. For the things that did not, I continued to carry them over to the following year.  Creating a vision board is a fun, inspiring, and a powerful way to say “Yes Please!” to all that you want and the abundance you’d like to receive (and deserve!) in your life.  Let’s briefly discuss manifesting before we get into how to make a vision board!

Whatever you think about, you are manifesting into your life.  If you constantly think about what you do not want to have happen in your life, that is exactly what you will manifest.  Everything that is happening in our lives reflects what is happening inside of us.  What you focus on will take shape and manifest into your life.  Manifesting is basically intentionally creating what you want.  Of course, not everything you think about manifests.  Otherwise, every time you think of a lion, one would appear before you!  The speed at which our thoughts manifest actual depends on how much resistance we have, to what we desire appearing in our lives.  Resistance is why at times you may feel like no matter how much you think about what you want, it doesn’t appear.  Resistance can look like fear, self-doubt and negative self-talk.  Sometimes resistance could be a group of people or a certain person.  Individuals who do not believe in you or always criticize you, also block the parts of you that help you do your best. Working to clean up your social circles and facing those unhelpful feelings will help reduce your resistance. Help to reduce everything holding you back from what you want.  As you begin to eliminate the resistance, your desires will begin to manifest faster and easier. Remember that while timing is everything, when you are working on manifesting your desires, be patient.  Everything you want will happen at the right time, for the right reasons, when it does! So, if some things aren’t happening right now, keep believing and manifesting your goal. Like I always say, whatever is yours will be yours.

When you decide on something specific you want to manifest it’s important to ask yourself these questions…

  • Do I really want this? …Listen to your heart
  • How will I benefit from having this?
  • When I think about having this in my life, does it feel right?
  • How will it be good for me and for others?

 What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of visual images or words that represent the life you want to live. Quite literally, it is a tangible representation of the vision you have for yourself. You can make one by hand—think old-school magazine cutouts on a bulletin board—or you can make one digitally, via a website like Pinterest. What matters is that YOU create it (no one else can do it for you), and that it excites you when you see it. It can represent your vision for a particular area of your life (i.e., your career), or your life overall.

Step 1: Create Space & Connect to Your Vision

Get yourself into the right mindset.  Light candles, put on your favorite music, and set yourself up for a good time.  Meditate, daydream, or journal about all the things you want to be, do, or have, and don’t forget to consider the multiple dimensions of your life as well. Imagine your ideal career, relationship, house, car, community, body, and so on. The more specific you can be, the better!

Step 2: Find your positive images & gather your materials

Flip through magazines and cut out images and words that call to you. If you go this route, take into consideration what kinds of magazines you have laying around. For example, Yoga Journal Magazine might be a good choice, whereas Us Weekly or People might not have the positive imagery you are looking for. You can find free magazines near the front entrance of many grocery stores.

Remember that it’s crucial that everything you select to appear on your vision board be representative of what you DO WANT, not anything you don’t. Use our old friend Google to pull up the exact images or words you want to see. It’s a lot easier to search online for a pile of cash to represent abundance and then print it out, than it is to search endless magazines.

Once you’ve gathered all your images, you’ll also need a bulletin board, poster board, or several pieces of paper, scissors, and glue or tape. If you don’t consider yourself crafty, and would rather create a digital vision board, use Pinterest! It can be a great way to collect and display images that light you up.

Step 3: Display your Vision Board!

Once you’ve made your vision board, it’s important to hang it somewhere you will see it daily. Maybe on the inside of your closet door, on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror or office. Don’t feel like you need to stare at it 24/7, but it does need to displayed in a place where you will encounter it every day. If you make it and put it in a drawer, you’re likely to forget about it. But keep it in your consciousness, and you’re sure to see results of your manifestations sooner than later.

If you travel or want to take your vision board everywhere with you. You can create one in your journal or daily planner. If you are a student, you can slide it into the plastic cover of your three-ring binder. Or if it’s digital, you can make it your desktop picture on your computer, or the wallpaper photo on your smartphone!

Step 4: Let the Universe Do Its Thing

Once you’ve connected to your vision and made your vision board, your only job is simply to look at it often. Trust that the Universe will provide you with the opportunities to manifest each and every thing you truly desire in this life. Hold these images in your awareness on a regular basis. When opportunities present themselves to make your dreams come to life, SAY YES! You deserve it! As you come up with new ideas and inspirations, feel free to add to your vision board.

Your vision board should be a flexible and fluid representation of your desires as they shift and morph throughout your life. In fact, it’s recommended that you create a completely new vision board every 6 to 12 months to be sure it’s current, inspiring, and up-to-date with your values and priorities.

Time to MANIFEST AND CREATE! Your vision board doesn’t need to be perfect and can certainly be a work in progress. Every person dreams differently, so each vision board will be unique and individual. Try not to compare yourself to others or judge the outcome. Have fun, keep your hearts open and see what happens! The Universe might just surprise ya!

Happy Vision Boarding!




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    This is just great! I’m totally making one this weekend! Thank you for being so motivating and inspiring!

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    I love this! I need to start getting out of my own way and really let the universe do it’s thing! Thank you for sharing this!

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    You are such an amazing soul! Thanks for creating such great content!!! Totally making a vision board this weekend!

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