This past week I teamed up with Mazda to test drive their newest CX-5! Known as the overachiever of its class, the Mazda CX-5 was named a 2016 Top Safety Pick! I’ve never driven a Mazda before so this past week made all my TV commercials, of the ZoomZoom campaign come alive.  Mazda really drives smooth and this model had some serious horsepower! I drove it for 7 days all over Miami and still did not finish up an entire tank of gas! Now that is impressive for a crossover.  The CX-5 seats up for five people plus room lots of cargo! I even had a “professional passenger” (my co-worker Jen) ride along with me for a coffee run, and she was super impressed with the  ride and gorgeous interior!

This model has a new technology called SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY which is Mazda’s holistic, ground up approach to re-engeineering each component for the ultimate in efficiency, performance and lower emissions. In addition to performance when I look at cars, safety is a huge factor! The Mazda CX-5 offers so many safety features, including their Smart Break Support, Distance Recognition Support System, and Blind Spot Monitoring. I loved how the side mirrors would indicate if there was a car in my blind spot!

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