Teamed up with Kia Motor Sports right before the new year started, to test drive this snazzy 2016 Optima SX Turbo for a week! When I think about the next car I want, being the namebrandlover I am, I’m always thinking “bimmer, benz, or bently” (If you know anything about my love for rap and hip&hop you’d get that refrence!) but after I heard Harman/Kardon QuantumLogic Premium surround sound speaker system and the dope features like the hands-free bluetooth, rear camera display, blindspot direction, heated steering wheel, keyless entry & start,[just to name a few] in the 2016 Optima, I was in love.


I grew up around cars, because of the business my parents have owned for 25+ years, I learned about cars from a young age. My father, a mechanical engineer, has so much experience in the field so I have been exposed to a lot of knowledge when it comes cars. He is a big fan of Kia!

This car rings up at a price tag starting at 21K for a 2016, you’re really getting the bang for your buck with this car.  Kia won the highest ranked compact multi-purpose vehicle in initial quality, they offer special low APRs and even discounts for college/grad students! I loved using the sport mode on the beautiful Georgia back roads, and the eco mode during inner city drives. I was driving in downtown Atlanta when a man in a blacked out SUV rolls up next to me, my windows down, and asks me “Is that Kia a turbo? Nice Ride!” Little did he know it’s not mine! This car was turning heads!  The Optima SX Turbo has 245 horse power, with a 2.0 Liter, Turbocharged and 22city/32 highway when it comes to MPG! The red and black interior is similar to luxury vehicles really giving this car the sleek expensive touch, exactly how I like it!

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