“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” – Oprah


With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought I’d post on a subject I have been meaning to share my thoughts on for a while now… Gratitude. It seems like the most appropriate of times to talk about Gratitude. I believe in 2 sources of energy that immensely impact our personal self, our environments and the life that happens to us. Love and Gratitude. Without love there is no gratitude, and without gratitude there is no love. They go together.  BUT for now I want to talk about Gratitude. It’s magical.  How so? Gratitude is an energy that generates an immense power of feelings inside of each and everyone of us. These feelings facilitate change in our lives, because they allow us to shift our thoughts into a motivating force. We give power to things that we think about. When you think about negative things happening and when you focus on the downside of all situations, often times you call upon those negative emotions to manifest into your life. You find that bad things happen to you, you always feel bad about everything.  The power of our thoughts I believe are greatly influenced and magnified by the positive thinking and feelings that we attach to those thoughts. When you live in a state of happiness and love you evoke this emotion of gratitude.  When you shift your thoughts about the things that happen to you and reframe how you see things, you can begin to see things from a different perspective. I’ve seen that in my own life, living in a constant state of gratitude, good things come, worry is less, and like minded people are attracted into my life. It is all about finding simple gratitude for the things and circumstances in your life.

Have you ever been somewhere and you’re happy and feeling good…Then someone comes around you and everything they say is negative and they are constantly complaining? You pick up on this energy or vibration (vibes) of this person and it causes a reaction inside of you? Energy picks up on energy. Situations and people cause reactions inside of us, so knowing that we also know that our own energies/vibes cause reactions too. Similar energies attract one another. It’s a cause and effect of energy if you think about it. So now think about your thoughts and feelings as energies that you project into your life (aka your reality), since we know that energy is powerful, we can see how our thoughts & feelings can be projected into our everyday lives, relationships and attitudes (including the attitude toward ourselves). To attract what you want, you must think about the good, breathe the good, be the good, do good, etc. Gratitude helps you to love your life, and in return life begins to love you {because you loved life [energy attracted energy]}. I like to call that the circle of love and gratitude (I totally just made that up, but now it is a thing).

Gratitude, a postive energy, can help you to shape these good thoughts that will bring more abundance and good vibes into your life.  So many studies through positive psychology have shown that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and in return it can increase our wellbeing and happiness. Gratitude helps us to see our situations differently, be more open to new solutions and change the course of our lives.  Of course like any good habit, gratitude takes practice and living in a state of gratitude requires you to really look inside.

  • Write. Keep a journal to write in each day.  Write about the good things you noticed and the things that made your day good.  This practice will cultivate a new skill, looking for the good in everyday/situation. Overtime you can see a shift in your thoughts, essentially training yourself to see the good in all.
  • Gratitude Wall. Get a bulletin board, sticky notes, and tacs. Whenever you are feeling bad or down, write down what you are grateful for and stick it on the board. Or make it a habit to write one thing down a week.  Display this wall in a your home, or a sacred area you have created for yourself that you will see each day. Overtime i encourage you to re-read them.
  • Alone time.  This can be a time of meditation or just you by yourself (somewhere quite).  Sit and close your eyes and just think about the good things.  What helped you get through a difficult time? What did you learn? How did learning this change you for the better? How many rough times have you gone through and survived? These are things to be thankful for. You are strong, now go thank the universe for that, and watch as you see the universe love you for it.

Let’s all make a conscious effort to live in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is the best attitude!

I’d love to hear about your thoughts on gratitude! Please comment below to share!

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season. This year I am grateful for the opportunities and lessons woven into each day. Family and friends whom unconditionally love and support my passions and my personal growth. Everything I have experienced that has made me into who I am today and the blessing of being able to communicate and share my life with those whom care to see/read and grow with me.




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  • zeinab kristen

    This <3 Thanks to you I bought a pretty little gratitude journal that I write in every day 🙂

    November 24, 2015 at 2:53 pm Reply
  • Sonya Matejko

    Just in time for Thanksgiving! I love the idea of a gratitude wall. I’m going to start doing that! I also at one point tried writing down something nice on a note card and putting it on a mason jar – then was to open it up at the end of the year. Kept forgetting but need to be better about it! Also the app “headspace” is amazing for meditation :). Happy Holidays!

    November 24, 2015 at 3:06 pm Reply
  • Neti

    Love this post and will be back to read more. . . .Enjoy your Life!

    December 8, 2015 at 2:58 am Reply
  • Katy

    More stuff like this please!!!

    December 28, 2015 at 7:24 am Reply
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